How to get gaming license for gambling business

Curacao Gambling License

Curacao Gambling License

Small casino start ups always struggle to get exposure due to high costs and competition. This license is perfect for those who fit this description. The Curacao gambling license is very affordable and friendly to all business. Whether you are already big or just starting. There are over 450 brands that have partnered with Curacao’s jurisdiction. Today we will learn some of things on what makes this jurisdiction so popular. 

To begin, Curacao is one of the biggest and most accessible license amongst all others. They offer a very fast service so that owning a license would not take forever. The license is also an all in one so your company can operate more freely.

All of the benefits above makes it the most ideal gambling license to bave. Especially for start ups that actually need to get a license in order to get into the gambling business.

Benefits of Curacao Gambling License

There are several benefits that you will get when trying to apply in the Curacao gambling license. These benefits also includes partnerships and free of tax. We will learn more down below. 

Faster and More Affordable

Owning a casino and getting the license are two difficult things if you do not know how. Curacao is the best place to start because they only take a short process. Anyone can apply by handing in an application. This application will be processed by the Curacao jurisdiction. Keep in mind that these application must be formalized and notarized because it is a legal issue. All in all the process takes around two days in total. It may even be as long as 4 or 5 days in total. Anyone who needs a license as soon as possible can apply to Curacao quickly. 

The cost is also much cheaper than applying in other types of gambling license. Curacao still maintains the high quality but within a casinos budget.

Efficient and Hassle Free

One unique thing about Curacao gambling commission is that there is not much hassle in the paper work. Paper work is usually the thing that holds back a jurisdiction from giving gaming licenses. All sorts of forms, application, and documents will be effectively processed in Curacao. There are still bare minimum but you will not have to spend countless hours trying to get a gambling license. That is why their jurisdiction is highly appreciated.

Curacao also takes the lead amongst all other jurisdiction to give out a gaming license. They are able to instantly in a couple of days manage to give out a brand new license. You can immediately set up your online casino. This is great for any business owners who do not want to spend too much time.

Perfect for Startup Casinos

Startup casinos have to look for a gambling license that is easy and cheap. Curacao is one of the best license that start up can choose. This gives easy access for your startup company to actually gain networking and partnership. As a new startup company then you need to grow your client base and not put out too much budget. 

This is where Kurosawa is the best place because they have low taxes and low fees. Hence it is much easier for you to actually grow your company and then reinvest your profits back. There are  providers who are already experienced and provide you with the best recommendations. Any website out there also recommend new startup companies to try Curacao gambling jurisdiction. 

One thing that you can get in this license is flexibility. You’re able to experiment and even move licenses later on if you want to but this gives owners more chances to grow their business. They would even help if you want to move your license or change it.

One for all license

Businesses are much more efficient if they have a license that is equipped for everything. Not all jurisdiction will provide you a license that is equipped for all games. In Curacao you’re able to have one jurisdiction for many different games. Some of these is that we’re talking about are such a slot games or table games like poker. One license can literally cover all games and you can immediately open a gambling casino.

One particular provider is known as iGaming. This provider is able to provide to appropriate help that you need. Provider can be important because they’re also able to manage budget for you.

No taxes at all

One thing that everyone loves about Curacao gambling license is the generally have zero taxes. This means that you don’t have to pay taxes even when you’re making huge profits. Of course you still need to pay some kind of fees or incentive annually once in awhile. This regulation is perfect because no one wants to pay taxes at all. This needs to be negotiated early when you are still in the terms and agreements part. This is also compliant with all types of international regulations. So you’re not breaking any international rule at all.

Requirements to own a Curacao Gambling License

Now that you have decided to own one, then you need to know what are the requirements. The requirements of a Curacao gambling license is that you need to apply and look at the terms and conditions.

First of all, you need to find an offshore provider. There are many companies that will offer you their service. There are  some information being asked such as what is your identity details, your work, address, budget sheet and etc. Curacao authorities will be looking for all of these information before they give you a  license. 

On top of that, you will also need to provide a person in charge. This person have to be assured there there will be no misconducts. Such as your criminal record, your country and etc. These information will assure them that you are safe to operate in their jurisdiction.

Things to prepare when authorizing documents:

  • Real copies of passport complete with picture and person’s signature
  • Utility bill of current address
  • Clear criminal record
  • CV and current occupation
  • Bank statement
  • Casino software and FairPlay certifications
  • Reference letter of professionalism from accountant
  • Certified proof of domain ownership
  • Terms and conditions all with gambling policies.

Curacao Gambling License Cost

There are different types of categories even for the Curacao license alone. You can have more expensive license if you have bigger needs. Usually there are different options for each kinds of budget. We know that not everyone can typically throw out thousands of dollars. That is why there are providers that will assist you. Such as offering full transparency when applying.

You can seek for professional help and rent out their service such as from websites like Fast Offshore. These websites will help you apply for fees and then give you a fixed rate of Curacao license. You could even get additional benefits. Such as getting merchant partnerships, sponsors, payment providers and etc. This makes it so much easier for your online casino to grow. All without having to rely on the single company alone.

Deals to Look For

There are many deals that is provided by the Curacao gaming license. You can get their Gaming License Pack for a much more affordable price. This price is very inclusive because anyone can afford it. Such as entrepeneur, business owners, and so much more. You could even rent their Curacao sub license to get it cheaper. This is why Curacao is very popular for being one of the cheapest gambling license jurisdictions of all time.

Specifically for bigger companies, there are options that includes corporate structure. You can get your company redesigned as well as given insights. Curacao jurisdiction provides many assistance to their clients. They also offer their product globally but only limited to places where gambling is legal. Going to Curacao will surely ease any negotiations and creating a bank account is quicker.

Corporate Structure

Usually there are many providers that can help you with this. We have talked to you about one of the main providers. This provider offers corporate structure in which you can get at a low cast. Corporate structure is important because you need to have your company organized. An efficient corporate structure will make it clear for your finance, profit, and auditing. Clients are advised to open their own Cyprus EU company to get legal tax services.

Payment alternative methods

Providers is a key component to online casino. Without payment methods, then players are unable to deposit into your website. This is where you need to find the best merchants with the best rate. You can do it alone but then you will never get a good enough rate. This is where Curacao license is able to decrease the price and making it so much cheaper. This is only possible because there are partnerships and sponsors for you to enjoy low rates.

Low rates means that casinos will get more profit every time a player does a deposit. These packages also allows for Curacao gaming company to open a merchant account. You can easily accept credit cards or debit card payments from the players. Sometimes you may also want to look partnership for international banks for offshore players. 


Sub license is an all in one license. You can get all of the benefits all packed together into one license only. The reason why sub license is very important is because you can save a lot of money. One license can cater for all games such as casino games, bingo, e-Sports betting, sports betting, poker games, and etc.

What does the Turn-Key Package Offer?

The package that we have discussed to you before is very important. It gives many benefits such as:

Offshore Contracting Company:

You are going to be offered many contracting companies. We suggest that yo use EU contracting company to comply with the policies. Countries such as Cyprus is also the best choice when trying to build your company upon. By doing this, your business activities will be based in Cyprus. But it can also cater to all needs such as Asia, America, and Europe. There are tax optimized corporate structure. In which you can grow your business easily.

Curacao sub license

  • Offshore company: An offshore corporation or company is great because you will register all of the finance in that company. This means that the process will be less regulated and in legal environments.
  • Corporate account for software provider: There are many choices of international software. Maybe you want an upgrade and add more games. This is where a corporate account is important to bridge partnerships.
  • Direct online merchants: Online merchant provide the depositing and withdrawals for your website. There are many payment system such as Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, Skrill, and etc. All of this can be achieved when you are already active as an online casino.
  • Personalized assistance: These packages also include personalized assistance that you can get when you are needing help. Looking for help from third parties may be risky. Try the package to get professional help from trusted providers.

Ongoing maintenance for your Gaming License

Curacao gaming license provides maintenance and has a high standard for their clients. You need to apply corporate structures and then maintain everything. This is because there will be audits every year. On top of that, you need to provide reports, fees, and other kinds of updates. Doing this will help you expand your business in a healthy way. Other development could also include expanding your depositing methods, and even game choices. Curacao does not limit clients to even add new licenses.

To help with this, there are many reliable providers. Providers are able to help with any ongoing maintenance. These maintenance may take from weeks to months but only after renewal is done. Relying on a provider is much better and more efficient.

Keep in mind that annual renewal fees also applies. But they are so low and this is so cheap. You can negotiate this early in the contract before having your license. Paying this fee is an obligation for your gaming license.

Curacao Gaming License Tax

All jurisdictions will apply their own taxes. These jurisdictions also include countries such as UK, Isle of Man, Cyprus, and so much more. They offer their own benefits but at a much higher price. Curacao has zero taxes and this is the best choice for anyone that is just into the casino business. You can get your license at a zero percent tax.

Zero percent tax is legal and it complies with international rules. Curacao is the best option because it is also within the EU Code of Conduct. You can contact this jurisdiction to ask more about gaming license tax. 

Why Curacao Gambling License is Perfect for New Companies?

The jurisdiction of Curacao has the most number of provider as well as in partnership. This license is suitable for any types of budget that you may provide. The course of gambling license is still regulated and it complies with European rules. So you can have many players and customers coming from Europe.

Remember that to have an online casino it does not take much money. You don’t need more than one license or many licenses at all. What you need is one license that is applicable to the types of games that you are serving. This means that for example a sports betting site only needs a sports betting license. You can also use Curacao license and I’m still serve many types of games. This is much more beneficial because you can add more games at any time if you want to. While adding games you don’t have to worry about putting more money.

In terms of economical benefits Curacao has the best types of rewards. You don’t have to pay any revenue taxes or any taxes at all. This is also known as the vat in which it is totally free. On top of that you can also have partnerships without any additional cost or fees. Everything is literally packed into one time registration fee as well as renewal fees.

If you are still looking for a gambling license then you may want to try Curacao jurisdiction. This jurisdiction has more than around 20 years of experience. They also have the highest amount of clients in comparison to other types of jurisdiction. Mainly because they are cheap and that they are much more accessible and time efficient.

Government of Curacao fully supports the gambling policies. You do not have to worry about the regulations at all. Up to this date, they have the best financial sector in casinos.

History of Online Gambling in Curacao

Curacao actually became the number one gambling jurisdiction in the world. They first setup their country and started entering the world of online casino in 1993. But their main focus was in the online gambling market in which they’re going to regulate any types of online casinos. They’re popularity quickly grew and then in a few years later there are more clients. This is where the government decided to create the gambling license authority. This authority would be regulating games and then monitoring the industry under its jurisdiction. Could I became more active from the year 1996 to 2001. By the year 2001 the Curacao jurisdiction has to gained popularity and the captain growing. There weren’t much competitors at that time. Curacao internet gaming association was created so that all operators not only websites are also within their own jurisdiction.

As of this day it is one of the most reputable online gambling regulators in the world. They’re constantly monitoring games and making sure that the game is fair to play before it enters the market. all types of casinos as well as software developers actually go to Curacao to get their license. So not only online casino but other types of businesses are also welcome as well. The best part about their reputation is because they are cheap. They’re very strong in the financial sector in which everything that they do is still affordable but high quality as well. This jurisdiction is home to many international names. You may know slot game providers or live casino providers that all go to Curacao for their licensing.

Government of course I’ll have been working very well and they deserve all the credits. They are labeled and known as the text heaven. There’s literally no tax at all because they want to help online casino thrive. Curacao jurisdiction is also safe because they comply with many regulators out there. Other regulators also include Caribbean authorities and European authorities.

Who issues sublicenses?

Sublicense is basically a gaming license from Curacao. There are many licenses in general and sub licenses is the way to name them. Curacao gaming license is only issued by the Curacao ministry of justice. To this date there are only four licensed holders and sublicense is granted. These companies are able to give out other types of licenses to other countries.

By holding a supply license from a master license than these companies are able to operate. For example these Master licenses are able to give out sub licenses to other companies that are startups and etc. So you don’t only have to rely on one place to go. Instead you have four options when you want to apply for your Curacao gambling casino. There are benefits and privileges when you try other curacao sub licenses provider.

Usually each license provider will provide different types of games. Maybe you want to have a casino with only slot games. Then you need to choose the correct sub license to go along with this game.