How to get gaming license for gambling business

Kahnawake Gambling License – Instant and Time Efficient

Ever think of opening your own online casino? Well you need to find the right and proper jurisdiction to support your online casino. One of the best one on the market is called as Kahnawake. Kahnawake is a license provider and it is located in Canade. They are quite flexible and very affordable for all sorts of gambling companies. To apply, companies only have to wait couple of business days. These offers comes with exclusive benefits that we will discuss more later on. People go to this location and set up mtheir company because it is the best place for start ups. We will learn all about the process down below.

Kahnawake is a region that is classified as Canada’s first nations reserve. They are an autonomous region and does not need much permission or regulation to run. This online casino have existed since the year 1999 and supplying over 100 companies with license.

Benefits of Applying in Kahnawake Gambling License

Kahnawake is a license provider with many opportunities. Kahnawake is a region with its own Gambling Commission. These jurisdictions became one of the best places to get your own gambling license for your company. Kahnawake is quite friendly and the good match for any kind of start up businesses. Today we are going to look at some of the main benefits of owning a Kahnawake gambling license. Knowing these benefits will help you decide on one.

  1. Instant and Time Efficient

Kahnawake license is already known for many years and they offer quick service. The quick service is not as fast as Curacao jurisdiction. However, you can still get a very instant service from their jurisdiction. Kahnawake only provides their service on working days. Any applicant will be required to submit their documents. After that, then you are also required to provide these documents as soon as possible. 

Applying for the Kahnawake license is quite fast because it takes around 4 to 7 weeks. The process is faster if the documents are already correct. Kahnawake still qualifies as one of the fastest jurisdiction compared to other types of license.

  1. No complications

Kahnawake is a region that wants to process your license as soon as possible. There is not much bureaucracy, not much paper work or documents at all. This makes it much quicker for your licenses to be put out. Kahnawake does not require the applicants to fill in complicated quiz and tests. Hence almost anyone can apply as long as you fulfill the requirements. Seek professional help if you are looking to apply for license.

  1. Player acceptance

 Kahnawake is already recognized as a legit provider. There are legal gambling commissions that will be responsible. They are a very respectable jurisdiction and there are many countries that recognize them. Owning this license for your casino is the best thing to have because now your website is insured. So that you can provide safe games without any risks of fraud at all.

The gambling commissions have strict regulations regarding what kinds of games can go out. Anyone who break the rules will immediately be stripped off or given a penalty. Sometimes it can be a temporary suspension. While some other have gotten the licenses taken away from them. Kahnawake increases your website’s success rate because they do research. 

  1. Best option for start ups and businesses

Businesses are usually in need for a quick and efficient license. We recommend that you use the Kahnawake for start ups or even any new businesses. This is because these licenses are cheap. All of the profit that you have gain from your online casino business can be reinvested. After that the money can used to expand the business, marketing, and other types of things. This service is very cost effective. So we highly recommend that you try this license.

The company will take time to mature and have financial growth. While this happens, there is a solid financial standing. You can apply for licenses and even expand in terms of markets. People can find other licenses even after they already have the Kahnawake license.

  1. No taxes at all

The Kahnawake gabling license does not give any taxes at all. The rate is set at 0% for all time and you can keep growing your business. Low taxes is perfect for any business and that they are always attracting new clients. This is mainly why many people choose Kahnawake license provider.

Applying fees

Application fees in the Kahnawake bedding jurisdiction is also cheap. As a matter of fact they’re cheaper than most of the other jurisdiction out there. Of course the Kahnawake betting license is still not as cheap as Curacao but it is very affordable. There are many companies out there that can easily afford to apply for these jurisdictions. The license is given right after the administration process is done and that you’ve paid the some amount of money that is needed.

Kahnawake Gambling License Cost

There are some things that you need to consider when choosing the right operator. The right operator will cost you different amounts of money. Especially in Kahnawake gambling license then you need to know how much it cost. We can’t put a specific number because the rate always changes and it changes depending on the company that you want. 

Usually smaller companies get a much cheaper rate. On top of that we’re also going to weigh the benefits versus the cost in which the application will be. There is more than one cost which is also including the maintenance cost. Choosing the right provider is perfect so you can have every budget detailed for you.

Providers will understand that each company will have its own requirements. Sometimes companies want a much cheaper budget or they have a much bigger budget. This is not a problem because you can simply consult with your service provider or jurisdiction consultant. Kahnawake gambling license already provide for all types of gambling games. So you can easily provide esports games or online casinos and slot games.

To get help then you need to find companies such as fast offshore. These kinds of companies is able to give you help in terms of license application. The process is quite complicated if you’re still new to the gambling industry. That is why people use consultant in order to make it much easier. Please consultant is usually able to help you with financing, tax managing, financial structuring, and etc. All you need to do is find the right one and then contact them.

Kahnawake Gambling License Package

Anyone can try to apply to Kahnawake but it will take a hefty amount of time and fees. That is why you need to work with provider companies such as Fast Offshore. Fast Offshore is a license provider that has been helping their clients to apply. After applying, you can get your license package in almost no time. Their company is experienced and they also provide one deal called a Turnkey Package. This fulfills all of the application needs for you to get a license.

This package gives casino owners access to all of the services from Kahnawake jurisdiction. Such as completing administration process, licensing, regulations, complying, and other considerations. You can never get a more competitive price when applying in the Kahnawake gambling license. The package will save you some money and make the application process much cleaner.

Application Costs

Costs can be cheaper if you take the package. To start, the minimum fee is around 40 thousand dollars or $40,000 USD. This price is a fixed price and this is just the application costs. This costs already covers the first year of license fee. So you do not have to pay any license fee anymore.

Packages like these are usually offered by the provider company. The cost may seem expensive but it already covers a huge amount of the expenses already. Such as opening a new account, corporate structure design, and so much more. You also need payment provider to help you with your banking needs.

Creating Company Structure

Corporate structure is very important when you want to apply in Kahnawake jurisdiction. Everyone needs to have a clear structure. If you have not have this yet, then you need to get the package. The package includes the fact that you can get an offshore license. So you can already have your company designed as a holding company and contract company. 

On top of that, contract company also provides negotiation. That is why you need it to negotiate with any third parties. These third parties may be sponsors or any partnership in jurisdiction. Companies such as Fast Offshore will help with this. Having a provider will make sure that you can get all the benefits at a much cheaper price.

Payment System

Payment is another thing to keep in mind when you are forming an online casino. Payment system is known as the merchant account. This merchant account will collect all of the money that has been deposited into the website. Usually the main payment system that you need is Visa and Mastercard. Having sponsors could also make the price a lot cheaper. Maybe you want to add new payment methods and work with financial service corporatoins. 

We highly recommend that you provide more than 4 or 5 payment method. This can easily boost popularity in your casinos. Casino owners even provide fiat currency payment and cryptos.


Next up, let us look at what licensing is and why it is important. Even for professionals, getting a license is a long process. Licenses have many varieties that you can choose from. It may be very difficult knowing what you want and what you need. All in all, you need documents to submit and you can start applying.

Moreover, trying to negotiate and contacting foreign government is very complicated. This is where providers will provide the necessary help. All you need to do is to provide the documents and send it all to one place. After that, the processing starts when you have paid the sum amount of money. More money can be saved and it is much quicker than other applications.

What does Turn Key Package Include?

The turn key package gives all that a starting online casino need. Learn more down below:

– Offshore corporation

Offshore corporation is the best choice when you are trying to apply to a holdings company. An offshore corporation will make sure that your money is safe wherever you want it to be.

There are so many recommendations for contracting company. Choose a European contracting company because it is the best choice. What we mean by the best choice is that these businesses have a really low tax rate. The tax rate is around 12.5 percent and they are very favorable. They’re able to provide you a legal access to many markets such as Asia and european.

On top of that you could also have an assistance to help you with things. This is included in the package that you want to pay for. Assistance basically means that all the application that you do will have additional support.

The package will also include a corporate account. So any money that goes through the transaction will be put in that account. Corporate account is very important and it needs to be in a safe place.

You are going to need a few other things. One of which is known as the Visa and MasterCard merchant accounts. Merchant accounts basically will be the escrow account. Every time a player does a transaction through visa and MasterCard then this will be linked to your corporate account.

There will also be personalized advice. You’re going to get many help if you are confused about certain types of things. Maybe you want to add a license or remove a certain type of license. companies such as fast offshore will provide these kinds of assistance so it is easier for you to understand.

There are different types of packages for different types of businesses or even online casinos. You can find the right one for you and then you can start to make  big profits.

Maintenance for Online Casinos

Online casinos will be getting free maintenance. The maintenance process is very important. You cannot have a running successful online casino without many maintenance. Maintenance will basically check every system that is running. With the existence of maintenance then the company and the license will always be clean and legal.

Many providers such as fast officer will also provide to you other help. Maybe you don’t know how to reinvest the profits that you have just gained. That is why you need to consult with these companies in order to be able to know your portfolio. Such as tapping into other markets or getting new sponsors.

The Kahnawake annual fee is much lower. That is why you are maintenance will also be cheaper in comparison to other types of location. Of course the cheapest one will always be curacao. Nonetheless you can still get high quality service in Kahnawake.

Kahnawake Gambling Taxes

Let’s learn more about gambling taxes. The gambling rate tax is around 0% only. On top of that you also need to understand that there are gaming tax. Gaming taxes also 0%. This is a thing to keep in mind because not even Curacao can offer you these types of low tax rates. The tax rate is so low to the point where many clients from Europe come to this jurisdiction. The jurisdiction also complies with many rules with the European union.

Kahnawake gaming commission

The gaming commission is there to supervise as well as look over the transactions. The gaming commission will have responsibility over approving the license that you want to apply in the region. All of the licenses that has been put out will always get the constant monitoring. So you cannot trick or even cheat the system.

This is great because the commission have its rules and regulations since 1999. Which means that any player who go to this website will already trust your games and enjoy it. It’s one of the oldest legislators and it is also one of the most reputable legislators. The name of Kahnawake itself is very popular. It is already home to over hundreds of gambling softwares and companies.

One thing about Kahnawake authorities is that they are fair and that they want to uphold respect. Anything that they do is transparent so that you can see the process of what they’re doing. You cannot bribe or do anything to cheat the investigations. For example a casino refuse to pay the money that has been won by the players. Then the investigations will directly be sent by the Kahnawake gambling commission. This regulation is perfect because players and casino owners can be treated in a fair way.

Kanawake gaming regulations

Each jurisdiction have its own regulations. Regulation is important to ensure that all types of games is safe for the players to play. Especially in these jurisdictions Kahnawake has some key things that you need to keep in mind.

  • First of all Kahnawake wants to provide a legal type of game. So anything that you put in the jurisdiction must be legal and it will be controlled
  • Kanwaukee also provides licenses in which it is transparent. All games that you offer must be transparent and it must have documents with it
  • Any game and casino has to be clean without any association to crime. Anything under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake will be the responsibility of these online casino owners.
  • Online casino or business owners must treat their players fairly. If their player have won then you also need to pay out the winnings.
  • Online casinos have the responsibility to protect minors against gambling addiction

There are more regulations that has been put in place. For example what happens if there’s a dispute or there’s a complaint. The Kahnawake gaming commission will put out many investigations which would lead to a resolution. Any problem will be resolved immediately in this jurisdiction. So you don’t have to be worried.

If you do decide to use a gaming provider than this is much easier because providers will have a direct contact with these gambling commission. The relationship that they have will make it easier for you to pass and set up your online casino.

Requirements to Get a Kahnawake Gambling License

The part where anyone has been waiting for as the requirements. You need to have a clear identity as well as clear record of your money. Your money is very important because they’re going to examine your accounts. There are other types of documents that you need to provide and we will discuss this down below.

Sure that all documents and forms are filled completely and legally. Don’t submit any type of fake documents. This can be very dangerous because the business owner or jurisdiction will directly incriminate you. You may be asked for additional documentation if needed.

Qualifying for a license is easy and quick. But you need to follow the conditions that have been set for you. For example, you need to be authorized by a line of authority. Such as the shareholders, beneficiaries, as well as the director.

  • Legal proof that the owner has no criminal record and that there the records are clean
  • Certified copies of passport that is still active and can be used
  • Real birth certificate and photocopied
  • Legal bank statements with complete information
  • Financial statements to prove that bank references are real
  • Certification of utility bills
  • Legal certification for the online casino
  • List of games and all the software providers
  • Server hosters and domain names

All of the required documents must be provided if you are looking to set up your own online casino. And note that all of them must not be older than 90 days. All documents must also be in English or translated to English.

Types of Licenses to Look For in Kahnawake

The Kahnawake jurisdiction itself provides many options for different operators. For example your website wants to offer online casinos and other websites wants to have sportsbook website. Then you need different licenses. There are up to six different licenses from the Kahnawake jurisdiction itself. But each company is required to at least apply for two of them. The most important one is known as the client provider authorization and the other one is key persons permits.

Client Provider Authorization (CPA)

CPA or client provider authorization is an important license to have. By having the CPA then you are authorized to provide games to your clients. It is also known as one of the earliest forms of licenses there is out there. Once you have this then you’re able to provide games within the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. You only need this license if you are operating in Kahnawake or have a server located in the region. But if your server is located in another region then this is another concern that you need to address.

Key Person Permit

Key person permit also known as the KPP is another license that you need to have. This license is specifically used to manage funds. For example for the management as well as the company structure. This license will be hold by more than one people because there are more than one people responsible in your company. 

Application Fees and Process

Next up last but not least let’s talk about the Kahnawake online gaming license registration. The process takes 4 to 8 weeks. This is considering that you have everything required and that you have paid the fee. There is always a chance that your application process will be denied by the commonwecki jurisdiction. The Kahnawake gambling commission will be able to issue you a refund of $10,000. All of these fees such as professional service fees and other types of consultational fees will not be refundable.

First of all you need to know what you want to apply for. The first license to apply for is the cpa. The CPA will allow you to have your businesses on the market immediately. You need to fill the application form and submit your personal documents to the gambling commission. You need to also fill in your personal information as well as your criminal record which should be clean. And then the next step is to apply for the key person license application form. This form is very important and it should be given to any shareholder with more than 10% off stake. Which means that all of the major owners need to have this license in order for the website to function and operate. You also need to provide CV and other types of documents that have been requested before.

After all of that is done then you need to go to the next step. You need to incorporate a company as well as registering your company. A provider will help you with this such as fast offshore. What is meant by incorporating company means that you have to have clear budget planning and tax planning. You also need to know how you’re going to market your casino.

Important step is that you need to answer all of the ethical and moral responsibility. As a business owner you need to be able to provide regulations that are clear. For example you have to protect the most vulnerable players such as people that are underaged. On top of that you will also make sure that there is no crime related and provide transparency to your website and players. All of this will make sure that your license is legal and that you can keep operating as a legal company.

All of the application will be gathered and that your documents will be signed in a couple of weeks. Usually these types of decision making is fast but it also depends on investigations and etc. All in all the process takes around 6 months. It take 6 months in order for your first license to be released.

Your first license is not enough but it is enough for you to operate at a small base. After that you can get another license after 12 months that the commission have approved. This license will give you the freedom to do anything that you want.

Why is Kahnawake gambling license perfect for small companies

Startups are small companies need help. You don’t have much money to begin with and other types of jurisdiction are expensive. That is why you need to find the best jurisdictions that can give you help easily.

  • This gambling license provider offers the lowest licensing fees. This gives access to all kinds of online casino
  • Fast set up time is also another bonus because casinos do not have to wait for years.
  • Zero tax rate which means that your online casino can directly reinvest profits for growth. This increases the ROI for businesses.
  • This jurisdiction offers full transparency to all parties. You can provide trust worthy games in which people will trust.

About Kahnawake Jurisdiction

Kahnawake is a location based in Canada. This territory is a native territory but it is known for providing online casino license. They specialize in regulating gambling games, taxing, and then give out licenses. We have discussed before regarding the application fees of Kahnawake region. 

Up to this date, Kahnawake has more than 8000 active residents. Most of which are working in the gambling sector. The area of Kahnawake territory itself may not seem like it is big. But it holds some of the world’s important clients. There are dozens of benefits that awaits when you are looking for this license. One license is more than enough to cover all types of games. This includes live table casino games, slot games, and etc.

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